Thor, our amazing doggie.
On July 18th, 2009, Thor came to us as a foster through a volunteer at Rocket Dog Rescue. He was very, very sick with Parvo when we received him. He was featured in a local neighborhood magazine called North Side San Francisco about the SFSPCA and throw away dogs. He was so skinny you could count his ribs. Without going into detail, I will just say this little guy was in a extremely sad state. He was slated to be put down at A.C.C. when Rocket Dog went in, signed for him, and saved his life: along with a several thousand dollar medical bill. After our first day with him, we decided we wanted him to stay in our home. We thought he needed a great big name, so we named him Thor! Thor has blossomed into the most truly wonderful doggie. It's true what they say, you don't pick them. He picked us.

Here's part 1 of his story.
(He's the tiny one in the picture in the giant cell crouched back in the corner.)
Here's part 2 of his story.
(He's the third doggie down in the 3rd section titled: SF/SPCA REJECTS: Where are they Now?)

If this story moved you, please go to Rocket Dog Rescue or give to an animal rescue organization here in San Francisco, and please make a donation of anything you can afford. Whatever you can donate is extremely helpful. I do not receive any kind of reinbursement from this. I just love animals, and want to help them in every way possible!

Thank You for reading Thor's story.
Al at Doggies-A-GoGo
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