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We're so glad we found Doggies A Go Go! We started working with Al in Fall 2019 after searching for someone who could provide solo midday walks for our energetic Border Collie mix. She had become fearful in pack situations and was hesitant to leave with other walkers, but she warmed to Al instantly! Al is incredibly friendly, compassionate, and his love for dogs is clear every time he comes to pick Stella up. She gets very excited when she hears Al at the door and comes back happy + ready for a nap.

We knew Stella would be in good hands after our initial consultation and have been very happy having Al in Stella's (and our) lives ever since. Al is professional, organized and his communication has been great! In addition to sharing updates when we see him at pickup or drop-off, he sends helpful summaries about Stella's walks (and any changes in behavior) as well as great snapshots of her -- often with a big smile on her face!

If you're looking for a thoughtful and reliable walker for your pup, hire Al!

Nate W. 07/29/2020


To put it simply, Al is amazing! While we're totally biased in how great we think our 21-month-old Collie-Lab mix is, we accept that her eccentricities and puppyhood make her a bit of challenge. Like most dog parents, our puppy is family and we never had to think twice about leaving her in Al's capable and reliable hands. Through Al's patience, knowledge, empathy, and compassion over the past few months, she has grown into a well-behaved little girl (well perhaps not so little as she's ~60 lbs and all muscle). We are going to miss him and his amazing way with our dog as we're moving from San Francisco. While we know we'll find a good dog walker in LA, they won't be able to fully fill Al's shoes as he's one of a kind. So stop reading the reviews and go hire him already!

Mark T. 04.09.17


CPR/First Aid


Doggies-A-GoGo is absolutely wonderful!
It's been a while since this business has been updated with a recent review, but it's because Al has done such a great job at keeping his clients (and their owners ;) so happy. When I searched for dog walkers in San Francisco about a year ago, I had a difficult time finding someone for my two dogs. Luckily, Al had one open availability and I am so glad I took it! He's been incredibly great with my dogs.

From the initial meet and greet to the daily services, Al has always been incredibly professional. Beyond that, he's also very friendly and kind. He genuinely cares for my dogs as if they're his own; and I know that my dogs' affinity for him is mutual. There were times where I was working from home (and on weekends) where my dogs would wait for him to show up after lunchtime. (It was so cute.) On the opposite end, there were times Al showed up (when I was randomly home) and I could hear him from the home office and he would be so excited to see them.

In a nutshell, Al is great and he operates a solid business. My three favorite things about Doggies-A-GoGo are: (Continued on Yelp)

Justin P. 05.13.14


Al is wonderful, responsible, 100% reliable, well organized. He's great with our shy, somewhat fearful dog who has come to adore him. He keeps us up to date on how she's doing, reports when she's been unwell or has developed some new unwanted habit (like barking at the cat outside her window when we're away...).

Al clearly loves being around dogs and knows how to handle them. He's good at communicating with the owners, too!

Anne D. 04.09.11


Professional, warm, highly organized and my dog loves him! I highly recommend Al and his services for anyone who needs a reliable dog walker, especially if your dog needs one on one attention, his speciality.

Michael M. 12.12.10


Al is magnificent. He is professional, organized, dependable and loves each and every one of his dogs. He has been walking out beloved black lab, Lenny, for almost a year. Lenny recently had knee surgery and Al has been taking great care to make sure he is sticking to his recovery schedule with his daily walks. I highly recommend Al if you are looking for someone you can always count on.

Roxy Y. 12.12.10


Al is wonderful. He has been walking our dog for almost a year now. This is no easy task we've been through multiple dog walkers due to behavior issues and dog aggression problems We love our pup and feel so lucky to have him taken care of by someone who works with him on his doggie skills, tiring him out day in and day out, and having such a straightforward and easy way to keep up with our precious Pitt.

This isn't even to mention all the insane level of consistency and dedication Al provides us.To think, a person who makes dogs AND people happy!

Michael A. 12.12.10


Very impressed so far. Al is super organized and does a great job of making you feel at ease. All of his paperwork is in proper order. The payment system is automated and processed online. Communication is top notch. I feel very comfortable that our little guy now gets some much needed attention and exercise during the middle of our busy weekdays...

Jason Y. 02.01.10


Al has been walking my two pooches for over a year. He is totally dog-worthy, and my dogs absolutely adore him! Al is dedicated to his profession and provides excellent service. I have complete trust regarding Al's access to my home. I would be lost without Al's commitment and enthusiasm concerning the care of my dogs. He is ALWAYS there when I need him. Hobbes, Tess and I are blessed that Al is a part of our lives!

Mary W. 01.02.09


I have recently met Al and had him start walking my pooch Tank on evenings when I am swamped with work or actually am getting a life. I have been completely thrilled with his service, his level of attention to my dog's needs, his professionalism, and how he seems to really care how my dog does and respond when with him. Admittedly, my little guy can be challenging at times and Al has been great And, I completely trust him with my key and going in and out of my house.

Denise B. 11.26.08


I love Doggies A Go Go! I've been using their services for a year and recommend them to all of my friends. I know my dog is in excellent hands and trust Doggies A Go Go completely. Al is 100% reliable, professional, and treats my dog like gold. Thanks!!!

Kathy N. 11.14.08

I recently moved to SF and signed up for the 5-days a week schedule with Doggies A GoGo. I've been incredibly impressed with their service, genuine care for my dog, and reliability. On more than one occasion they've rearranged their schedule to care for my dog when I needed extra help. It's been such a relief to know my dog is well cared for - I especially appreciate the occasional notes from the daily walk! Finally, I've been impressed with Doggies A GoGo's overall professionalism - the web site is easy to use and informational (walk records are kept online!) and I like the online payment feature. I highly recommend Doggies A GoGo to anyone seeking individual dog walking services - they have my complete trust!

Kathy N. 12.09.07

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